When receiving shipments via truck freight, it is important to remember the following BEFORE signing the delivery receipt: 

-Please take the time to examine the condition of the package AS WELL AS THE PARTS INSIDE before signing and accepting the delivery.

-Check the package for any rips, tears, punctures, crushed corners, etc. You must notate these conditions on delivery receipt before you sign and accept the shipment. 

-The shipping company and LOWNLUX will deny all claims if you fail to notate for damages.

-If the products inside the package are heavily damaged, you can refuse the delivery. Please write "Refuse Due to Damage" on the receipt. 

-If delivery driver refuses your right to inspect contents of the package, please write "Driver refused inspection on contents at time of delivery".

-Contact us within 24 hours to report damage and keep all packaging materials. 

-Very important TAKE PICTURES of any damages.